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What is Unithing?

Unithing can connect all your Smart Home devices with each other. It doesn't matter if you have devices from different companies. Unithing unites them all.

A Device in Unithing

This is what a device looks like in Unithing. On the left side you have sockets for information that goes into the device. On the other side you have sockets for information that comes out of the device. It's as simple as that.

Connect Devices

It's very easy to connect devices with each other. You just drag a connection from one sockets to the other. In just two clicks you can automate devices that could improve your life enormously!

Unlimited Devices

With Unithing you can connect unlimited devices with each other. In only a few minutes you can create a network of nodes that can power the perfect morning, evening or holiday - you name it. The ideal life is just waiting for you to create it.


Security is the most important thing when it comes to Smart Home. We believe it's your right and a must that you know what information you give us and that it is safe!
We won't keep any information your devices exchange. You are in control! We want you to feel safe while using UNITHING.

Who we are!

This is Us

We are two 16-year old students from Berlin, Germany. In September 2015 we had the idea for Unithing. 2017 is the year we want to start the company and launch Unithing!
This is our most exciting journey yet! We have and will face a lot of challenges. But so far we haven't stopped believing in our dream!

We will get there and give you the best life you never had!


for the BIGGEST adventure of your life